Manufacturing equipment for the production of toilet paper and paper towels

Our clients get such advantages as quality production in the best price-quality ratio and 1 year guarantee for all the machines, as well as qualified assistance from our service engineers around the clock. Besides, we have spare parts necessary for manufacturing in our warehouse.

  • Since February 1, the price increase for our products.

  • The transition to the production of fundamentally new machines

    Attention !!! The company stops the production of rewinding machines and machines for the production of non-woven fabric of the old type. This is due to the transition to the production of fundamentally new machines, namely: the escape from the welded frame to solid sheet frames.       A new principle of kinematics is introduced. In particular, a separate drive (motor, potentiometer) on each unit is a reeling unit, a block of embossing, a stitching unit and a winding unit. Transition from cone belts to cogged and flat belts. In new machines, the maximum (high-precision) alignment of all shafts is provided, which, combined with the previously mentioned changes, will substantially increase the speed and quality of the products.

  • New Year - new prices!

  • A profitable turnkey business is the production of toilet paper.


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